3 months ago

The Unexpected

When I quit my corporate job in 2008, I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship or the craft that would eventually become my passion — I was hungry for something new and really had nothing to lose. Using WordPress as my platform, I started designing and making things, blogging about the entire process as I learned which organically lead to a strong connection within a community of like-minded people. Without intention, I carved my name in the wall and became a respected voice which opened so many doors throughout the next 6 years of my career.

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6 months ago

Timeline Video Tour

A unique approach to posting content with the Timeline template.

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1 year ago

The Rise & Fall of My First Business

I’ve learned to embrace all experiences with equal attention on the good and bad aspects along the way, because without that contrast, there are fewer opportunities to become aware of your own potential to grow. I’ve learned never to compare my own journey with someone else’s, to know and be myself, to challenge myself whenever there’s an opportunity to do so, to be content, but also to get uncomfortable in order to actively expand my own understanding and reach. I’ve learned that investing time in people and actively developing relationships is priceless, and I’ve learned to follow my heart, because when you do, amazing things can happen.

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1 year ago

Being a Dad

I’m 38 years old, and sometimes it seems like I’m always searching for answers about life. At just a year old, my daughter reminds me every single day what life is really about.

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2 years ago

Introducing Cinematico

After 4 months of work, I’m happy to announce my latest project call Cinematico — a free (open source), simple, elegant, customizable and automatic website solution for your YouTube or Vimeo account, channel or playlist.

Go to Cincemati.co

Hi, I'm Jason Schuller, and I design and make things for the web. Everything should be designed with intention and purpose — something I feel can get lost when the focus is on endless functionality and options found in typical website solutions. I’m passionate about designing and creating simple, elegant solutions that serve specific purposes.

I’m available for design and development work starting at $6,000. Or, feel free to just say hi (email me here). I get a lot of email, so keep it short and I’ll probably get back to you sooner than later.

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