I’m a designer and maker of things for the web — simple, elegant and ready for your next project.

Designing and making whatever comes to mind as I’m inspired by problems and ideas is what I love to do. I’m creating things for the web every day — open source resources anyone can use to jumpstart their own projects. For $75/year, you can get access to all of these things to use however you want (no restrictions). I’m passionate about making the web simple and beautiful — unique concepts, designs & solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

Profile: A simple template for your profile.

Folio: A minimalist portfolio template.

Episodes: Create simple video-centric websites.

Big Video: Perfectly fluid full-screen video splash pages.

Invoice: A simple and complete invoicing solution.

Timeline: A simple solution for publishing life.

Letter: A simple landing page for your newsletter.

Open: A simple landing page template.

Pickle: A template for makers of delicious things.

Ship: A marketing template for digital products.

Gallery: A beautiful photo gallery template.

Launch: A simple “coming soon” page template.

Up Next: A landing-page for your ebook.

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The Book Template

In Development — Est. April 2016

A single-page marketing template for digital books.

The App Template

In Development — Est. May 2016

A single-page marketing template for apps.

The Event Template

In Design — Est. June 2016

A complete single-page solution for events.

The Resume Template

Concept — Est. July 2016

A minimalist single-page resume template.


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I’m here for any questions, comments, ideas you might have... or even just say hello. In any case, all I ask is that we keep things courteous. I’ll always try my best to get back to you within 24 hours.


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