Hi, I’m Jason

I’m a designer and maker of things, mostly for the web.

I’ve been ripping things apart and putting them back together since I could hold a screwdriver. I taught myself how to build for the web the same way, experimenting purely for the funk of it as I was inspired by ideas and opportunities. Applying my own minimalist style via the web (design, development, products and services) was something that came naturally and by 2008 I was able to build and grow my first business. I’ve made a boatload of things since then with many failures, some bill payers and some takeovers between. I've worked with companies like Microsoft, have been on founding teams like Plasso (Acquired by GoDaddy) and RIVYT, and have made things like Press75 (Acquired), Leeflets (Acquired), DSKO (Acquired), and more.

Available for Hire By day or project. keyboard_arrow_right