Hi, I’m Jason

I’m a designer and maker of things, mostly for the web.

Out in the country just south of Seattle, I grew up surrounded by nature — exploring mountains and forests, mountain biking and snowboarding, just being a kid with my two older brothers in the best of ways — things I’ll continue to do and enjoy as long as I can. I’m inspired by nature on so many levels — intrigued by how it adapts and solves problems in a way that is so visually stimulating. This translated early on to a love of visual arts and how design can evoke emotion, tell a story and allow people to consume information in more efficient and beautiful ways.

My dream was to become an architect, but the web quickly became an easy outlet for me to experiment with the endless ideas I had as I was inspired by opportunities. Applying my own minimalist style to things for the web was something that came naturally and by 2008 I was able to build my first successful business (a WordPress theme shop) with these ideas applied in everything I made. Nearly 10 years later and countless things made, that business has been sold and I became a dad — but I’m still at it, always working on the next thing, always learning something new along the way by making many mistakes.

I’m Jason, a designer and maker of things, mostly for the web — a wannabe adventurer, photographer and architect — but mostly just addicted to being a dad, enjoying my family and the things I love most as much and as slowly as I can.

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